Standard Timing chain set - Serpentine / V Belt

Product information

A standard timing chain set, suitable for Rover V8 engines using a V-belt or Intermediate Serpentine front timing cover and compatible with all the long nose camshafts we supply. In other words, if your Rover V8 uses a distributor for ignition, this timing chain set will be compatible

RPi Advice

  • Compatible with all Rover V8 engines which use a distributor for ignition.
  • Timing is set with the square marking on the bottom sprocket pointing upwards, and the timing mark on the top sprocket pointing downwards towards it. Always set timing with cylinder 1 at TDC.
  • Always turn the engine by hand to check the timing is correct - after two full revolutions of the crankshaft the timing marks should line up again as above.
  • Always inspect your camshaft condition - replacing a worn timing chain won't do much to help your engine if the camshaft itself is worn
  • Need gaskets to do the job? These are also available from our website, please see the gaskets and seals section

Condition New
Weight 1.5kg