Timing chain set - GEMS

Product information

A timing chain set suitable for Rover V8 engines using a GEMS front timing cover / injection system. These are the same timing chain sets we use in our own GEMS engines, so the highest quality is guaranteed. The GEMS injection system can be identified by its rectangular intake plenum and coil packs - behind the inlet plenum will be four coil packs on a long bracket, each one with two posts pointing towards the bonnet of the vehicle.

RPi Advice

  • Correct timing with this timing chain set is achieved by aligning the two square markings (one on the top sprocket, one on the bottom sprocket). On the top sprocket the marking will be at the bottom, on the bottom sprocket the marking will be at the top. Always set timing with cylinder 1 at TDC.
  • Always turn the engine over by hand to ensure correct alignment. After turning the crank through two full revolutions, the marks on the sprockets should line up as they were set on assembly
  • Always inspect your camshaft condition - replacing a worn timing chain won't do much to help your engine if the camshaft itself is worn
  • Need gaskets to do the job? These are also available from our website, please see the gaskets and seals section

Weight 1.5kg