Tornado Remapped ECU Chip for Hotwire EFI. Range Rover Classic, Defender, Morgan and much more

Product information

Here we have the essential Tornado ECU chip for the Hotwire fuel injection system used on the Rover V8 engine. This is an essential upgrade for all Hotwire powered vehicles whether they're standard, heavily modified or anywhere inbetween. Don't however make the mistake of thinking that this is a horsepower chip like so many others; this is a correction chip aimed at righting the wrongs of the standard Rover fuel map and therefore improving the smoothness, efficiency, torque, throttle response, power and overall driving feel of the engine. Combined with our ignition upgrades, we have solved many of the stumbling/kangarooing issues found in many two wheel drive Rover V8 powered vehicles. The chip sold here is custom mapped for your specification taking into account the capacity, cylinder heads and any external upgrades fitted. Just tell us your set up and we'll send you a chip correct for your vehicle, which in most cases is a plug-and-play affair with some basic tools. Alternatively a fitting service is available, please enquire for more details.

The chip here makes a huge difference in driving to a wide range of vehicles whether they're Range Rover Classics, MG RV8's, Morgans, TVRs, Discovery 1 or any other Rover V8 powered vehicle with the Hotwire injection system. As standard, these vehicles all ran the same Range Rover fuel map (with the exception of TVR who dumped excess fuel in at the top end to try and boost BHP), which is completely incorrect for vehicles which aren't 2.5 tons and four wheel drive. What's more is that on the Range Rover, the fuel map runs lean on cruise which can cause its own issues. All this means there are vast improvements to be made regardless of the vehicle too, even on a standard engine.

Technical Specifications

  • Essential upgrade for economy and efficiency
  • Required when converting to larger capacities or different states of tune
  • Essential if any upgrades have been applied to your engine
  • With so many fuel maps on file, there's no need to visit a rolling road. Just tell us what you've got and we'll send the right chip for you

RPi Advice

  • We recommend upgrading your ignition system with our ignition amplifier, Magnecor plug leads, non-resisted spark plugs and RPI rotor arm and distributor cap.
  • Before ordering, open the case of your ECU (4x T20 Torx screws) to find out if your ECU is already socketed, and which software type it is. We will require this information to order your chip. Instructions for this can be found here. Please tell us which software type you require as per the instructions and select from the drop down menu above.
  • A fitting and tuning service is available at our workshop in Horsford, Norfolk. Please enquire on 01603 891209
  • For DIY installations, full telephone and email support is also available for any questions you may have

Brand See lsiting
Condition New
Weight 2kg