Vacuum port / one way valve suitable for Edelbrock and Offenhauser intake manifolds

Product information

Suitable for use with both Edelbrock and JWR Offenhauser manifolds, for sale here is a one-way vacuum port, used for connecting your brake servo to vacuum. Whilst there are options on the Edelbrock 500 carburettor for connecting the brake servo to the front or rear centre ports, we don't recommend using them. We include the correct sealing washer with this port.

RPi Advice

  • We have a complete guide on installing the Edelbrock 500 carburettor and related components on our YouTube channel here
  • The intake manifold is the preferable source of vacuum for the brake servo on all Edelbrock four barrel carburettor installs.
  • Ensure that the brake servo is functional and holds vacuum without leaking, and that the hose is rated to withstand vacuum as it's a critical safety component.

Condition New
Weight 1kg