Water Temperature Sensor + Gauge - V Belt Hotwire + Carburetted

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Water Temp Sensor + Gauge
An accurate water temperature reading is an essential part of any vehicle. Supplied here is a matched (the important part) sender and gauge set up with the correct fittings for a carburetted or Hotwire injected engine with a v-belt front end. 

At RPi, we often hear from customers who tell us the engine in their kit car, V8 converted Land Rover or custom build is running hot, even on a freshly rebuilt engine. However, often the engine itself is running at the right temperature and it's a temperature gauge that's leading them astray as it isn't matched to the temperature sensor on the engine.

What we're offering here is a high quality, matched sender and gauge set up meaning that you can save yourself a list of potential headaches and be certain the reading on your gauge is accurate. Also included is an adaptor to allow the aftermarket temperature sender to fit into the same position as the original Rover one on a Rover V8 with a V belt front end, whether it's fuelled by a carburettor or Hotwire injection. If you have the later Serpentine or GEMS front cover, please see this listing: 

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