Weber/Edelbrock 500 Carburettor kit

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Product information

Included in this listing is a Weber/Edelbrock 500 carburettor kit including the carb, manifold, thermostat housing (two or four wheel drive), air cleaner, fuel banjo and a comprehensive fitting kit comprising of gaskets and bolts to ensure that you've got everything you need to fit this carb to your engine without having to make any annoying trips to the shops for missing parts.
The Weber 500 is the only carburettor we sell or recommend for any Rover V8 engine and with good reason as it owes itself to both cruise/part throttle efficiency and full throttle power as it's demanded. This pairs especially well with our power plenum which gives around 15% extra torque too, please enquire.

What's included?

  • Weber/Edelbrock 500 carburettor
  • Dual plane Edelbrock intake manifold
  • 14" chrome air cleaner and paper element
  • Throttle cable - universal fitment
  • Choke cable - universal fitment
  • Thermostat housing - for 2 or 4 wheel drive application
  • Composite valley gasket and rubber end seals
  • Fuel banjo - for connecting fuel lines to the carburettor
  • Lengths of water hose and plenum breather hose
  • Bolts and springs washers for fitting
  • Stainless steel jubilee clips
  • Thermostat and water outlet gaskets

Why do you recommend these parts?

Dual Plane Intake
Supplied in this kit is a dual plane Edelbrock manifold, which when compared to a single plane manifold offers much better torque at low RPM due to increased air speeds keeping fuel particles suspended better, while still offering excellent flow at higher RPM
Why not use a Holley 390?
The most affordable upgrade carburettor option has been for many years the Holley 390. This carburettor has been used on all capacity Rover V8s, and with long hours spent fine tuning can provide good fueling and power for the Rover V8 up to 3.9 Litres. However, the problems have always been that it's too large (390cfm) for part throttle economy/torque, and too small for more serious top-end power gains, especially on larger capacity engines. So, unless you are into drag racing, our advice would be to forget it. The advantage of the Weber is that the secondaries are both vacuum and throttle operated (unlike the Holley which is vacuum only). This has the advantage as sometimes the engine is under load(vacuum) however you are only on part throttle and the engine does not need the secondaries open. Therefor the Weber is truly able to offer you the best of both worlds for road, offroad and track usage.
Your Weber kit is not the cheapest, what's the extra cost?
While we could offer a lower priced kit, we believe it's best to have everything arrive that you'll need to fit your new carb without having to run out to shops at the last minute and attempt to find the correct bolts and fittings. We also believe it's best to use high quality hoses, bolts, washers and clamps to ensure you don't end up with problems down the line.

RPi Advice

  • The manifold supplied here is too tall for a large number of two wheel drive applications, however we also offer this kit with an ofenhauser intake manifold which sits lower and allows clearance on these vehicles.
  • If fitting to a vehicle with an automatic gearbox, a linkage is required to allow the kickdown to function correctly.
  • If we know your engine size, we will jet your carburettor appropriately before sending so that you don't have to
  • Carburettors are always best tuned on the road - there's no inertia on a dyno! Better to save your money for more performance upgrades :)
  • We always recommend upgrading your ignition system when fitting this carburettor to ensure that all the fuel reaching the engine is burned correctly

Brand RPi
Condition New
Weight 20kg